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Bioinstrumentation and BioMEMS Laboratory


Professor Davis' Classes

The academic quarter at UC Davis is on the quarter system. Prof. Davis teaches three classes per year, or one each quarter (the normal teaching load for her department). Of these, 1 class is typically a graduate level course, and 2 classes are an undergraduate course. Below is information on the courses, and enrolled students have access to course materials through a different UC Davis website.

GRADUATE Level Courses

MAE 228: Introduction to BioMEMS

Lecture-4 hours; project report. This course is ideal for beginning graduate students or advanced undergraduates who are interested in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) topics related to biological applications. The course will cover topics from a variety of disciplines as related to bioMEMS: mechanical, electrical, biomedical, chemical engineering, and materials science. (Offered in alternate years)

next offering: Fall 2023

MAE 207: Engineering Experimentation and Uncertainty Analysis

Lecture-4 hours; final exam. Design and analysis of engineering experiments with an emphasis on measurement standards, data analysis, regressions and general and detailed uncertainty analysis, including statistical intervals, propagation of bias and precision errors, and correlated bias approximations.

next offering: Fall 2024


EME 115: Introduction to Numerical Analysis

Lecture-3 hour(s); Lecture/Discussion-1 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): (ENG 006 C- or better or EME 005 C- or better or ECS 030 C- or better or ECS 032A C- or better or ECS 036A C- or better or ECH 060 C- or better or ECM 006 C- or better); ((MAT 021A C- or better, MAT 021B C- or better, MAT 021C C- or better, MAT 021D C- or better, (MAT 022A C- or better or MAT 027A C- or better), (MAT 022B C- or better or MAT 027B C- or better)), (PHY 009A C- or better, PHY 009B C- or better, PHY 009C C- or better). Number representation, Taylor expansions, error and stability analysis, roots of nonlinear equations, sets of linear equations, numerical integration, ordinary differential equations. Not open for credit to students who have taken EAD 115.

next offering: Fall 2021, Fall 2022

EME 151: Statistical Methods in Design and Manufacturing

Lecture-3 hours; discussion-1 hour. Prerequisite: C- or better in course 150A. Restricted to Restrictions on Enrollment Text: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering. Methods of statistical analysis with emphasis on applications in mechanical design and manufacturing. Applications include product evaluation and decision making, stress-strength interference, probabilistic design, systems reliability, and fatigue under random loading.

next offering: Spring 2022

EME 185A/B: Mechanical Engineering Systems Design Project

Lecture-1 hours; Laboratory-3 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): EME 050 C- or better; EME 150A C- or better; EME 165 C- or better (can be concurrent); ENG 003, CMN 001 or CMN 003 recommended; upper division composition recommended. Restricted to Senior standing in Mechanical Engineering (EMEC). Major mechanical engineering design experience; the mechanical engineering design process and its use in the design of engineering systems incorporating appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints.

next offering: TBD future

ENG190: Professional Responsibilities of Engineers

Lecture-3 hours; Restricted to upper division students in the College of Engineering. Organization of the engineering profession; introduction to contracts, specifications, business law, patents, and liability; discussion of professional, ethical, societal, and political issues related to engineering.

next offering: Spring 2021

Teaching Highlights

Prof. Davis' Capstone 2009 class highlighted in campus newspaper

INNOVATIONS: Engineering students think beyond the box

Prof. Davis speaks on engineering education over the next 50 years.

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