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Bioinstrumentation and BioMEMS Laboratory

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Laboratory Alumni

Over the years, we have had very successful researchers graduate and move from our laboratory into a variety of positions: academic, industrial and private foundations. The following are just a few of our recent graduates, and we wish them well in their new positions.

Michael Eze, Ph.D.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Stephanie Fung, M.S.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Yasas Rajapakse, Ph.D.

UC Davis, Safety Office

Connie Rojas, Ph.D.

AnimalBiome, Inc.

Hunain Ahmad

Clinical Research Coordinator, Stanford University

Pranay Chakraborty, Ph.D.

Southern Arkansas University

Katie Hamera, B.S.

local community college

Alexander Schmidt, Ph.D.

Root Applied Sciences

Nhi Trinh, M.S.

HRL Laboratories

Leslie Simms, M.S., Mechanical Engineering Design Firm

Andy Cheng, M.S., Davis Police Department

Lauren Klein

Josephine Ngo

Danny Yeap, M.S.


Mei Yamaguchi, Ph.D.

Sean Pham, M.S.


Austin Parrish, B.S.

Doctoral Program, UC Irvine

Fauna Fabia

Alexandria Falcon

Jacqueline Seibel

Pharmacy School

Jason Spaargaren

Roy Gilboa


Ilya Anishchenko, M.S.

General Atomics

Konstantin Zamuruyev, Ph.D.


Phil McGinty


Seth Dike

Sandia National Laboratory

Yuriy Zrodnikov, Ph.D.

Intel Corporation, Inc.

Daniel Peirano, Ph.D.


Alexander Aksenov, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

Dayna Pettit, B.S.

Stanford University

Sierra Spitulski, M.S.

P2S Inc.

Alberto Pasamontes, Ph.D.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at BIOMEB, Spain

Raquel Cumeras, Ph.D.

Marti Franques Postdoctoral Fellow at Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Virginia Hartz, B.S.

John Zink Company LLC

Jason Simmons, B.S.

Graduate Student, UC Davis, Plant Sciences

Jeffrey Ware, B.S.

Apple Engineeering

Alice Rystov, B.S.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Tanner Garrett, B.S.

Anaerobe Systems, Inc.

Malinda Cheung, B.S.


William Cheung, Ph.D.

Scientific Officer (Proteomics/Metabolomics) at Northumbria University, UK

Alice Kwan, M.S.


Eric Ranstrom, B.S.

software development firm

Weixiang Zhao, Ph.D.

Manager, Quantitative Analytics, National Grid

Hamzah Bardaweel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Louisiana Tech University

Nicholas Strand, M.S.

Mechanical Engineer for the US Army

Malinda Simon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, San Jose State University

John Bissel, B.S.

CEO at Origin Materials (formerly Micromidas

Susan Ayer, M.S.

Senior Engineer, Biosense Webster

Stefanie Boehme, Undergraduate Researcher

California Air Resources Board, CA

Ryan Smith, B.S.

Founder and CTO Origin Materials (formerly Micromidas)

Alex Sutherland, B.S.

Staff Data Scientist at App Annie

Mary Molina, B.S.

Construction Engineering Superintendent, Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE)

Isaac Lin, M.S.

Advanced Supplier Quality Engineer at Agilent

Wade Nielsen, B.S.

Coating Process Engineer at W. L. Gore and Associates

Alex McKee-Ota, B.S.

Firmware Engineer at Ring

Craig Siebe, M.S.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Joshua Morgan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, UC Riverside

Shankar Sankaran, B.S.

Chemistry Manager, Analytical Method Development at Ampac Fine Chemicals

Andrea Gojova, Postdoctoral Fellow

private Pharmacy

Huilan Han, Doctoral graduate student

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis

Abhinav Bhushan, Ph.D.

microfluidics research area