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Bioinstrumentation and BioMEMS Laboratory

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Laboratory Alumni

Over the years, we have had very successful researchers graduate and move from our laboratory into a variety of positions: academic, industrial and private foundations. The following are just a few of our recent graduates, and we wish them well in their new positions.

Roy Gilboa

Undergraduate Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

Ilya Anishchenko, M.S.

General Atomics

Konstantin Zamuruyev, Ph.D.


Phil McGinty


Seth Dike

Sandia National Laboratory

Yuriy Zrodnikov, Ph.D.

Intel Corporation, Inc.

Daniel Peirano, Ph.D.


Alexander Aksenov, Ph.D.

UC San Diego, Project Scientist, Research Associate Faculty

Dayna Pettit, B.S.


Sierra Spitulski, M.S.

Officer Candidate School, United States Navy

Alberto Pasamontes, Ph.D.

Leiden University, Netherlands

Raquel Cumeras, Ph.D.

Virginia Hartz, B.S.

John Zink Company LLC

Jason Simmons, B.S.

Graduate Student, UC Davis, Plant Sciences

Jeffrey Ware, B.S.

Graduate Student, UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering

Apple Engineeering

Alice Rystov, B.S.

Tanner Garrett, B.S.

Malinda Cheung, B.S.


William Cheung, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Nutrition and Metabolism Section (NME), Biomarkers Group (BMA); Lyon, FRANCE

Alice Kwan, M.S.


Eric Ranstrom, B.S.

software development firm

Dr. Wexiaign Zhao, Associate Research Staff Member

private energy sector (Long Island, NY)

Dr. Hamzah Bardaweel, Postdoctoral Fellow

Assistant Professor, University of Jordan (Amman, Jordan)

Nick Strand, Master's graduate student

Department of Defense, US Army (Fort Monmouth, NJ)

Mindy Simon, Master's graduate student

PhD student at UC Irvine (graduated 2014), Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University

John Bissel, Undergraduate Researcher

Entrepreneur - forming startup company "Micromidas" for biofuel manufacturing

Susan Ayer, Master's graduate student

Soliant Energy, Inc.

Stefanie Boehme, Undergraduate Researcher

California Air Resources Board, CA

Ryan Smith, Undergraduate Researcher

NEC Corporation

Alex Sutherland, Undergraduate Researcher


Mary Molina, Undergraduate Researcher

Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE)

Isaac Lin, Master's graduate student

medical device industry

Wade Nielsen, Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. student at UC Davis

Alex McKee-Ota, Summer Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. student at UCLA

Craig Siebe, Undergraduate Researcher

Entered M.S. program, UC Davis Mechanical Engineering (advisor Prof. Kennedy)

Josh Morgan, Master's graduate student

Entered Ph.D. program, UC Davis Mechanical Engineering (advisor Prof. Barakat)

Shankar Sankaran, Laboratory Manager and Researcher

Currently applying for medical schools

Andrea Gojova, Postdoctoral Fellow

Non-tenure track faculty, UC Davis Mechanical Engineering

Huilan Han, Doctoral graduate student

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis

Abhinav Bhushan, Postdoctoral Fellow

microfluidics research area