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Bioinstrumentation and BioMEMS Laboratory

Research Highlight:


Biosensors produce complex outputs which we interpret using machine learning algorithms. We can then visualize grouping of data based on patterns of biomarkers from the original samples.

PUBLICATIONS selected, only algorithm and data analysis work listed here)

Thank you for taking the time to look through our total published work over many years. This page lists the comprehensive total of all of our published work. We publish in several different discipline areas, and we also provide links to sub-categories of our work for easy reference (listed below).

            To view our published work on non-invasive breath analysis, please click HERE.

            To view our published work on agriculture monitoring, please click HERE.

            To view our published work on micro/nano MEMS, instrumentation and novel sensor development, please click HERE.

            To view our published work on algorithms and data analysis, please click HERE.


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