ECS 253 / MAE 253, Spring 2018
Network Theory and Applications
Tentative class schedule and lectures

Lec. Date Topic Assigned/Further readingHWs/Notes
Apr 3 Intro to course and to networks;
Basic properties and measures. (Lecture 1)
Newman SIAM 1-19,
Barabasi book Chap 1
Review course homepage; References, software, etc.
Apr 5Random graphs, components and phase transitions. (Lecture 2) Newman SIAM 20-25, Durrett Ch 1 & 2HW1, HW1b due April 19
Apr 10Power laws, Preferential Attachment,
and master equations. (Lecture 3)
-BA (1999) Science, Newman 30-35, Durrett Ch 4
Apr 12Resilience to node deletion;
degree versus betweenness centrality.
(Lecture 4)
-AJB (2000) Nature
-Doyle, et al (2005) PNAS
Apr 17The Internet, Optimization and network growth. (Lecture 5)-CAIDA movie explaining traceroute
-CISCO explanation of AS numbers
-D'Souza, et al (2007) PNAS
-Gastner and Newman, (2006) Phys Rev E
HW1a project pitch, due April 20.
Assignment posted on Canvas.
Apr 19

Epidemic spreading, SIS/SIR
(Lecture 6)

-ICON, Colorado Index of Complex Networks
-GLEAMviz epidemic modeling
-Percolation theory
-Callaway, etal (2000) Phys Rev Lett
-Pastor-Satorras and Vespignani (2001) PRL
-Barabasi book Chap 10
HW2, HW2a, HW2b due May 3

(HW1, HW1b due today via canvas)
Apr 24 Community structure and modularity
Lecture 7
- Wiki page on community structure
- Porter et al AMS 2009 review
- Newman Nature Physics (2012)
- Fortunato Phys Rep (2010)
- Coscia, et al (2011) Stat & Data Mining, (arxiv version)
Apr 26Signed, weighted networks Lecture 8 &
Software demos:
Graphviz, iPython/NetworkX
- Graphviz tutorial (by K. Burghardt)
- NetworkX
May 1Searching a network:
From the WWW to small worlds (Lecture 9)
-Watts and Strogatz (1998) Nature
-Kleinberg (2000) Nature
May 3 Small worlds and other network paradigms
(Bipartite, planar, and hyper graphs)
(Lecture 10)
-Adamic et al. (2001) PRE HW3, HW3a, HW3b due May 3

(HW2, HW2a, HW2b due via canvas)
May 8 Flows on spatial networks
(Lecture 11) (Gastner.pdf) (Zhang.pdf)
- CPLEX network solver
- The four-step travel forecasting model
- Barthelemy Physics Reports (2011)
May 10Selfish agents, Braess's Paradox,
Games on networks
(Lecture 12) (Zhang.pdf)
- Roughgarden's books
- "Networks, Crowds, and Markets"
- Normal form games
- Vickrey auction
- Yang et al, Science (2017)
- R.D., Science (2017)
May 15 Diffusion and Cascades on Networks
Generating Functions & Coordination games (Lecture 13)
- Newman, Watts, Strogatz (2001) Phys Rev E
- Primer on generating functions (MIT OCW)
- Molloy and Reed, RSA (1995)
(HW3, HW3a, HW3b due)
May 17Diffusion and Cascades on Networks
Generating Functions & Coordination games (Lecture 14)
- Watts (2002) PNAS
- Aral and Walker (2012) Science
- Jon Kleinberg, multiple talks
- Leskovec talk
- Kleinberg's publications
- Young (2010) Dynamics of Social Innovation
HW4, HW4a, HW4b due May 29

HW5a -- Final project, HW5b due June 7th

May 22
Sandpile cascades, and Intro to biological networks
(Lecture 15) (almaasBioNets.pdf)

- Brummitt, et al, PNAS (2012)
- "Network Theory for Biologists"
May 24
Temporal networks
(Lecture 16)

May 29
Power grids and sandpile cascades on networks
(Lecture 17 -- and see resources next tab)

- CA ISO_Tour_part1
- CA ISO tour part 2
(Contact Prof D'Souza for these slides)
(HW4, HW4a, HW4b due)
May 31
Controlling complex netorks
Lecture 18

- Future directions in Network Science
- Control of Complex Networks RMP (2016)
- Controlling phase transitions (NPhys 2015)
June 5Student presentations- Presentation guidelines
- Project write up guidelines
Presentation schedule!
June 7Student presentationsHW5a (Class Project) and HW5b due
- Project write up guidelines