Technical Interests
Current Research Projects Recent Teaching
   fatigue and fracture
   finite element method
   experimental mechanics
   residual stress determination
   mechanical design
   structural reliability
   human powered vehicles
   micromechanical systems
laser peening:
   residual stress
   fatigue life improvement
fracture of Yb:S-FAP crystals
fatigue of bicycle components
failure of welded joints
micromechanical fracture prediction
residual stress measurement
residual stress effects:
   on ductile fracture
   on crack propagation
EME 150A - Intro to Mechanical Design
MAE 250A - Advanced Methods in Design I
MAE 250B - Advanced Methods in Design II
MAE 250C - Mechanical Performance of Materials

Residual Stress Summit
Oct 4-6, 2007
Oak Ridge, TN