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Quick Facts:

About MAE:

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UC Davis is a large and thriving department, that currently comprises 32 full-time faculty, seven core administrative/technical staff, 650 undergraduate students, 150 graduate students, and numerous post-doctoral fellows, research engineers, and visiting scholars hosted by our research programs.

We offer BS degree programs in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Science and Engineering, a double major in both of these disciplines, and a combined major in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. Our undergraduates are active in several competitive extra-curricular design projects, such as the FutureTruck, Formula SAE, SAE Aero Design, and Human Powered Vehicle competitions. At the graduate level, students may pursue the MS Plan I (thesis) or Plan II (non-thesis) options, or be admitted directly into the PhD program.

The department houses a very diverse range of research laboratories and facilities, and our annual research expenditures are currently in excess of $10 million. These funds come from a variety of Federal and State agencies, Corporations, and private donations. Current and former sponsors of MAE research include NSF, NASA, US Department of Energy, California Department of Transportation, EPA, NIH, Ford Motor Co, General Electric, Nissan Motors Inc, Mori Seki, California Energy Commission, Office of Naval Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboaratories. MAE graduate students may receive various forms of financial support, including Fellowships, Research or Teaching Assistantships, and Work-Study Awards.

Our unique research facilities include an exceptionally well-equipped Manufacturing Laboratory, a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Laboratory, several Wind Tunnel facilities, a Sports Biomechanics Laboratory, a Hydrogen Production and Utilization Laboratory, Microeletromechanical Systems (MEMS) and Biosensors Laboratories, a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) center with two computer clusters, and the Advanced Highway Maintenance Construction Technology (AHMCT) Center.

As a department with highly diverse faculty interests, we encourage innovative multi-disciplinary endeavors and continuously seek, through our education and research programs, to transmit and extend fundamental engineering knowledge for the betterment of the state, the nation, and the world community.

C.P. (Case) van Dam
Warren and Leta Giedt Professor and Chair
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Department Mission Statement

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is committed to educating future engineers so that they may contribute to the economic growth and well-being of the state, the nation, and the world, and to the advancement of knowledge in the mechanical and aerospace sciences.