Introducing the Orthopedics Biomechanics Laboratory (OBL)

Research Theme:

The theme of the research conducted in this laboratory is the prevention, treatment and repair and rehabilitation of injuries to soft tissue structures primarily in the human knee. Because many such injuries occur during various sporting activities, much of the research falls under the umbrella of sports medicine.


Dr. Stephen M. Howell, an orthopedic surgeon who is affiliated with various local hospitals, co-supervises all research projects conducted in this laboratory. Because of Dr. Howell's involvement much of the research has direct clinical relevance and projects may be conducted in a clinical setting when appropriate.

Dr. Michael H. Buonocore, an associate professor of radiology at the UCDavis Medical Center, is involved with projects which require imaging modalities particularly MRI.

Ongoing Research Projects

Research Sponsors:

Research is sponsored by a variety of sources which include national agencies, private foundations, and corporations.

Laboratory Facilities

Affiliated Laboratories

Clinical Investigation Facility, David Grant Medical Center, Travis Air Force Base, California
This facility houses state-of-the-art equipment for biological materials characterization, animals, and surgical suites for procedures on animals.
MRI Facility, Methodist Hospital, Sacramento, California
This facility houses a GE Signa MRI scanning system. GE has qualified this facility as a research site which makes additional proprietary software available.