Introducing the Biomechanical Engineering in Sports Laboratory

Research Theme

Research conducted in this laboratory concentrates on two different sports. One sport is cycling. Within this sport, the research has two different themes-- The other sport is skiing/snow-boarding where the interest is on prevention of injuries.

On-going Research Projects

  • Functional roles and forces produced by muscles of the lower limb
  • Forward dynamics simulation of the cycling movement
  • Identification of determinants of cycling performance
  • Relationship between anatomic and equipment set-up variables on 3-D intersegmental knee loads and vastii activation.
  • Quantification of structural loading during actual on and off-road cycling
  • Development and application of cumulative damage models for the prediction of resistance to fatigue failure.
  • Development of mathematical models which describe the dynamic response of the bicycle-rider system.
  • Optimization of suspension parameters through both dynamic simulations of bicycle-rider system response and experiments using adjustable parameter mountain bikes.
  • Dynamic modeling and simulation of falls.
  • Measurement of injury governing variables during actual skiing and snowboarding. Injury governing variables include loads transmitted between ski/board and boots, joint angles and muscle excitations.
  • Mechanics of injury to musculo-skeletal components particularly the ligaments of the knee.
  • Design of computer-controlled released bindings for Alpine skiing

    Research Sponsors

    Research is sponsored by a number of companies which are industry leaders. Among these are Shimano, Trek, GT, Specialized, Rock Shox, and Tyrolia. Research is also sponsored by the United States Olympic Committee.
  • Large motorized treadmill for cycling without restraint in the laboratory
  • Portable battery powered data acquisition system with 32 analog channels
  • Six load component pedal dynamometer and multi degree-of-freedom foot/pedal interface.
  • Precision calibration stand for dynamometers
  • 3-D motion analysis system
  • Multichannel system for amplifying and recording muscle electromyograms
  • Custom dual suspension mountain bike with adjustable suspension and handling parameters.
  • Fully instrumented dual suspension mountain bike with dynamometers for measuring pedal, seat, handlebar, wheel and brake forces.