Raissa D'Souza
University of California, Davis
email: raissa at cse.ucdavis.edu                           

         Research team:

Postdoctoral Scholars:

        Marton Posfai      Keith Burghardt       Martin Rohden          Weiran Cai

Affiliated Graduate Students:

Niklas Braun Jeff Emenheiser Kelly Finn Ehsan Gholami
MAE, MS Physics, PhD Animal Behavior, PhD EECS, PhD

(B. McCowan main advisor) (Co-advisor C.-N. Chuah)
Yuansheng "Nelson" Lin Anastasyia Salova Andrew Smith Jordan Snyder Haochen Wu
Visiting scholar Physics, PhD CS, PhD Appled Math, PhD CS, PhD

Sabbatical visitors:

Shelly Wu Jun WuAbdorasoul Ghasemi



  • Pierre-Andre Noel
       Currently: Applied Research Scientist, Element AI, Montreal, Cananda.
  • Samuel Johnson, Computer Science PhD, Jan 2016.
       Dissertation: "On Strategic Behavior in Networks"
       Currently: Postdoctoral Scholar, HRL.
  • Vikram S Vijayaraghavan, Physics PhD, Nov 2015.
       Dissertation: "Growth And Interdependence Of Complex Networks"
       Currently: Member of the Techincal Staff, AT&T Foundry.

  • Alex Waagen, Applied Math PhD, Dec 2014.
    Dissertation: "Phase transitions on static and evolving networks".
       Currently: Postdoctoral Scholar, HRL.
  • Charlie Brummitt, Applied Math PhD, June 2014.
    Dissertation: "Models of systemic events: interdependence, contagion, and innovation".
    Currently: James S. McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellow of Complex Systems, and based at Columbia University, 2014-16. Charlie is on the job market!
  • Dr. Wei Chen, Applied Math PhD June 2012 (from Peking University).
    Next step: Assistant Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Currently, Postdoctoral Scholar, Northeastern Univ.
    Dissertation selected by Springer Thesis Outstanding Ph.D. Research and published as a book.

  • Dr. Haoran Wen, PhD, Jan 2011, Mech and Aero Eng.
       Dissertation: "Co-evolution and community structure in socio-technical open-source software networks."    Currently: Software Engineer, Microsoft.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Leicht, Postdoctoral Scholar 2008-2010.
    Next step: Junior Fellow, Oxford University and
    Senior Research Fellow, CABDyN Complexity Centre

  • Dr. Soumen Roy, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2007-2009.
    Currently: Associate Professor, Bose Institute, Kolkata India.

  • Daniel Wuellner, GGAM MS, 2010.

  • Umberto Perna, Visiting Research Scholar.

  • Osamu Yamaguchi, Visiting Scientist, 2007-2008, JFE Steel Corporation.

  • Nicholas Linesch, Applied Math, BS 2007. Currently MS Candidiate, TTP UCDavis. (Traffic modeling.)