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UC Davis Heavy Lift RC Aircraft Design Team



The UC Davis AeroDesign Team Aerobrick is comprised of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering students who work throughout the school year to design and build a heavy lift RC airplane. The plane is designed to lift a large mass (about 5 times its own empty weight) and must meet certain criteria set out by Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE). Depending on the current years rules the plane is either constructed of composite materials such as carbon, fiberglass and kevlar or woods such as plywood and balsa. Since designing the plane (aerodynamic, structural, and otherwise) is heavily tied to construction, most students get hands-on experience on the actual airplane. We spend a great deal of time thinking about new and improved designs, how to make the plane lighter without losing strength, and getting our hands dirty. It's a great learning experience and tons of fun!

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Unless otherwise stated build meetings will be at:

1236 Bainer Hall

SMART Lab Phone #: (530) 752-7967

Contact Information


2018 Captain: Mason Bright mbright@ucdavis.edu

aerodesign@ucdavis.edu and Aerobrick@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn


Website Developed by :

Ashishkumar Patel


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